FACT or FICTION: Can *this* ugly milk crate generate up to $700 a month in 100% autopilot profits?

It's a real machine and not a marketing term. It's an actual physical machine that will produce an income on autopilot.

March 2021

If you're an Internet marketer on the prowl for passive Internet profits, pay attention. I've been helping a tiny circle of elite super affiliates generate staggering amounts of autopilot profits with a secret money getting machine.

Oh, and if you're wondering, my affiliate marketing money getting machine didn't cost me a dime. It paid for itself!

Here's what it looks like:


Listen. Passive profits are the life blood of any successful affiliate marketing project. The more the better. You'd agree with that, right?

I'd like to help you quickly and easily put this type of secret money getting machine to work for you... even if you flunked computer class and are scared to death of messing with technology.

Unfortunately, I can't help everybody...

I can't help you "get rich" overnight. I'm a huge believer in generating lucrative cash windfalls as quickly as possible. But if your time horizon for shoveling mountains of cash off the Internet is by tomorrow morning, this just ain't for you. Keepin' it real bro, just keeping it real...

I can't do this for you. I'm a helpful guy. But this isn't some $10,000 done-for-you program where you give me a bunch of money and I do all the work. If you can't roll up your sleeves and put in some effort, this isn't for you.

Still interested? Here's what you ARE getting...

In my exclusive "simple English" 2,500+ word report named "The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Money Getting Machine," you'll be the recipient of a fascinating and detail-rich look inside this revolutionary cash spewing machine.

It makes money on complete autopilot 24/7 by...

(1) selling excess computing power,

(2) sending content rich e-mail newsletters that contain affiliate links to automatically generated e-mail subscribers, and

(3) participating in lucrative traffic trades

...100% on autopilot.

If that sounds confusing, don't worry. This is stuff that isn't being talked about by other Internet marketers. I make it very simple to understand in the report.

Here's a look at the Table of Contents:

Part 1: Brief Introduction
Part 2: The Big Picture Overview of How This Works
Part 3: All The Little Details And How-To's You Need
Part 4: Some Tough Questions And Straight Answers
Part 5: What To Do Next If You Want To Get Started
Part 6: Final Thoughts

You don't risk a penny by claiming access to "The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Money Getting Machine," not a single penny. Take 60 days to decide. In the rare event you're not absolutely thrilled, you can get a fast refund. No hassles, no games, and no questions asked.

To claim access to "The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Money Getting Machine," just click the orange button below and fill out the order page it takes you to.

You can use your credit card or PayPal if you like. You'll immediately receive a portable document file (better known simply as a "PDF") that you can quickly and conveniently access on any computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Nearly every digital device in the world can display PDF files, whether we're talking about PCs, Macs, Androids, iPhones, or whatever else. I've got you covered.

Yours for Internet profits,


Is this something that can be done from the ____?

You can run a machine like this from any first or second world country. I'm originally from the third world, and speaking very candidly, I'd be leery about running this anywhere there's an unstable power supply. If your lights routinely go out, if you're dealing with "rolling blackouts," or anything like that, think twice. For everyone else, this is something that can be done from where you're at!

What are the start up costs, please?

My total all-in costs for the machine that's depicted in this report was approximately $1,285. Can it be done for less? Absolutely. There's information about this in the report.

How much money can I make?

It really depends. The machine depicted in this report has consistently generated between $300 and $700 a month, net profit.

How much time a day do I need to allow to use this method?

Maybe about 45 to 90 minutes a month? It's mostly all programmatic at this point, with exceptions including the need for sporadic minor maintenance (5 minutes here and there), cultivating relationships with traffic trading partners (sending an e-mail takes a few minutes), and checking stats. I'm a bit addicted to checking stats! :-) I just got back from a 5-day trip, and during that time, I couldn't check stats or touch the machine. It ran itself without any issues. Bottom line, I don't know of any reason why this would take up too much of your time once everything is initially setup.

Can this be scaled up with more machines?


Do you actually have this machine??

Yes! The machine can make some humming sounds from the fans when running, so here is a short video with the machine momentarily turned off, but that demonstrates I actually have it. It's 100% for real. Check it out:

That video is from July 2018... does this still work in March 2021?

It does. For example, back in July 2018, Bitcoin was trading at around $7,000. Today, it's closer to $50,000. In 2018 the global economy was doing great. Today, many parts of the economy are not doing well due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People are more open to affiliate offers that help them make extra money. Other marketers are also receptive to traffic trading proposals. Bottom line: this was working great in 2018. Today, it's working even better.